Rabenou Guershon founded the Ohr Yosef Institution in 1948. This institution currently has a Jewish school in Paris, a Beth Yaacov girls’ seminary in Bussières and Yeshiva Beth Yosef.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Parisian life, the yeshiva offers idyllic conditions to study properly: students live in a green, pleasant and conducive to the life of an authentic Judaism.

This place has all the necessary so that each student can live fully his Judaism: Beit Mamidrash, student residences, yeshiva, mikve maayan … And of course a dedicated and experienced Rabbanim team that provides a high quality education.

Any student, without distinction, who wishes to come to study and strengthen within our yeshiva is welcome.

The Yeshiva Beth Yosef accepts all the students, as long as they are placed in the same perspective as us: that of living a Judaism bearing the values ​​of our holy Torah, filled with holiness and love of mitzvot.

Today, the yeshiva is proud of its success and brings together more than a hundred students from all over the world.

It is led by Rav Nathan Yabra. The students regularly study their Torah knowledge in order to become Masters of the Torah themselves.

Avréhim, alumni of Yeshiva Beth Yosef are on hand to help students. Students are constantly promoted through the practice of our pedagogy centered on the student’s well-being, valorization, listening and communication.

Our goal is the growth of students both personally and spiritually. They are encouraged to evolve positively in the study of Torah and its practice, and are rewarded for their investment. Our Talmidim thus experience a real satisfaction from studying within our yeshiva.

  • Study
  • Listening & dedication
  • Activities
  • Prayer
  • Hakhdout

The virtuous circle of success

The pupils are in a virtuous circle: the exceptional setting, the pedagogy, etc. place the talmidim in a healthy and beneficial atmosphere that pulls each of them upwards.

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