A Torah kneaded from fear of heaven

The kollel brings together the avrechim from the Yeshiva after they have completed their studies. This structure allows them to flourish in the study of Torah while being paid.

The avrechim also play an important role in coaching Yeshiva youth, a role they play with dedication and skill.

The avrechim help Yeshiva students progress in the study of the Torah and represent for them a living example of a Torah combined with Mussar, lived in joy and practiced on a daily basis.

Rav Avinoam Harari was born in Israel and arrived at the Brussells Yeshiva in his early years. He studied with Rav Nathan Yabra and was one of his most brilliant students. Today he is Rosh Kollel and head of the Yechiva Gedola.

Rav Moshe Schwarcz is the Rosh Kollel: He gives the avrechim a framework to allows them, through his great erudition, to reach greater heights in the knowledge and practice of the Torah.

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