A serious institution to take care of your mezouzot

We offer a service of purchase, verification and repair of your scrolls. We are also at your disposal to come and collect your mezouzot at your home,  your place of work etc … as well as to answer your questions and help you to correctly install your mezouzot.

We also have a gueniza to bury  under Jewish law mezouzot parchments that would no longer be kosher, not recoverable or torn.


Mezuzah is an object of sacred worship and it must be taken care of. Faced with the recrudescence of false mezouzot (poorly written or printed on plain paper), it is imperative to ensure the provenance of the parchment.

It must imperatively be written by a qualified sofer and yiré shamaim (having the fear of Heaven). Any problem on the parchment could unfortunately have repercussions on ourselves, our health …

For many years, a renowned expert puts all his experience and know-how at the service of the community in order to provide you with an irreproachable service to check your mézouzot. It is customary to have them checked at least twice in the space of 7 years, the ideal being to have them checked every year.

If you want more information or if you need help to get a Mezuzah of excellent quality, do not hesitate to contact us. it will enlighten you.

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