A pious and experienced Mohel at your service to bring your child into the alliance

The Yeshiva Beth Yosef puts at your disposal a pious, qualified and competent Mohel to make your Brit Milot. His sharp knowledge and know-how have been certified by Rav Mahpoud and the institution Moréchet Avot in Israel. Renowned Rabbanim gave him his vocational diploma of Mohel (No. 0260).

Throughout the ceremony, the Mohel is accompanied by a Hazan to assist him and ensure a happy atmosphere. He will ensure the smooth running of the ceremony. Our mohel will provide post-Brit Mila follow-up. He is committed to answering all your questions, worries and even coming back to see the child if the situation requires it.

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להביא לברית מילה


The Brit Mila is the witness of our covenant with the Creator. This command exceeds our understanding and it is precisely this that shows our total submission to the Master of the World. The Jews have no interest in circumcising themselves and it is indeed for a selfless purpose and beyond our logic that we accept to carry out this command, simply because Hashem ordered us.

This partnership is eternal: it is engraved in the flesh of our body, no matter what happens thereafter, nothing can break this alliance.

Every newborn who is circumcised is one more link in the chain of Jewish history, he will continue the line of Judaism.

Abraham was the first man to be circumcised. He was then 99 years old. Gd instructed him to circumcise himself as an eternal sign of covenant (brit mila) between Him and the descendants of Abraham, the Jewish people.

“You and your descendants, from generation to generation, you must respect my covenant. Here is the obligation that I impose on you and to which you will submit, you and your descendants: Whoever is among you male will have to be circumcised. Your circumcision will be the sign of the covenant established between you and me.

From generation to generation, all your boys will be circumcised when they are eight days old. Likewise for slaves born in your home or for foreign slaves that you bought and are not members of your clan.

So the slave born in you and the one you have bought will be circumcised, so that my covenant may be inscribed in your flesh as a perpetual covenant.

As for the uncircumcised man, he will be excluded from the people for not having respected the obligations of my covenant “.

This commandment is repeated in Leviticus 12,2: “On the eighth day, the flesh of his foreskin will be circumcised. “

Achkenaze: On the Friday evening following the birth of the child, a celebration called “Chalom Zakhar” is held.

Sephardim: The day before the brith mila a celebration called “Brit Itshak” is organized.

According to tradition, the father of the child remains awake the day before the Brit Mila and studies the Torah and especially some passages of the Zohar.

One does not recite the “Ta’anoune” (“supplications”) in the synagogue where prays the father or the Mohel (who performs the circumcision) or the “Sandak” (who holds the baby during the ceremony).

After the Brit Mila and the blessings, the participants wish: “Just as he entered the covenant, so he enters (under the yoke of) the Torah (at the age of 13), into the alliance of marriage and good deeds “.

We will try to perform the Brit Mila in front of at least ten adult men. If that’s impossible, we will try to get as many Jews as possible.

A meal is held in honor of the Brit Mila and the blessing for the child, his parents, the mohel (who performed the circumcision), the Sandak and ‘Eliyahu’ are included in the Birkat Hamazone (blessings after the meal). Hanavi, “the prophet who is in charge of the Mila covenant announcing the coming of Moshiach.

Whoever for one reason or another has not been circumcised on the eighth day, should be circumcised as soon as possible.

This requires contact with a mohel, who will perform this operation in an operating room, accompanied by a doctor.

  • After the birth of a boy, parents must get closer to a pious and experienced mohel to proceed to the brit mila
  • The mohel will meet the parents and examine the infant to decide if the child is ready to be circumcised
  • If he agrees, he will proceed to the brit mila on the 8th day. Otherwise the brit mila will be postponed
  • The brit mila of a child is a very joyous event for parents since they have the merit of bringing their son into the eternal covenant with Hashem
  • The custom is not to send official invitations, but just inform people of the time and place of the ceremony
  • It is said that Eliyahu Anavi (the Prophet Eliyahu) himself comes to every brit mila
  • The newborn is brought and placed on a seat named for the occasion “Chair of Elijah the Prophet”
  • The mohel recites the blessing and performs the circumcision on the baby, who rests on the knees of the “sandak” (role considered as a great honor)
  • The father then recites his own blessing, in which he thanks Gd for this mitzvah
  • A prayer is recited in which the boy receives his Jewish name. Giving a name to a Jewish child is a moment of profound spirituality.
  • The wise say that one thus determines its character, its specificity and the way that it will take in the life
  • Because at the beginning of life, we receive a name and at the end, a “good name” is the only thing we carry. (Talmud – Bra’hot 7b, Arizal = Cha’ar HaGuilgoulim 24b)
  • It is important to choose a name that will have a positive effect, since each time it is used, the person wearing it will remember its meaning. If it is Judah, he will remind him how much he must show gratitude to Gd
  • The ceremony concludes with a beautiful meal in which at least 10 men have to do motsi

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