The first allusive source for this mitzvah is in the Torah, Deuteronomy 6, 7: “And you shall teach it to your sons.” This verse speaks of the obligation of a father to have his son study the Torah.

Then, a known verse says, “and you will meditate there day and night,” (Joshua 1, 8). From this we see clearly the permanent obligation of every Jew to study.

After that, of course, the Talmudic and Midrashic sources are full of information about this mitzvah, and it is they who have made it a fundamental pillar of Jewish life. Indeed, the Mishna will go so far as to say “ותלמוד תורה כנגד כולן”; the weight of this mitzvah is equal to that of all others united.

The study of the Torah is a source of daily lessons. Studying the Torah is the most important mitzvah of the Torah: it leads to intellectual enrichment (knowledge of the Torah and its precepts) as well as personal and spiritual enrichment: it transforms our vision of the world, refines our character traits and allows us to simply give meaning to our lives.


People interested in taking Torah lessons without being official students can get closer to the Rabbanim so that they organize courses at their home, drachot or even conferences for all occasions (holidays, hasguir …). The team offers classes of varied and enriching themes. Everyone can deepen their knowledge or even acquire new ones.

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Parachat Emor

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