A day at the Yeshiva

The daily program is similar to other yeshiva programs. Tefilla starts at 8:00 am.  Then follows a Gemara chevruta to prepare for the course that follows. The students read the assigned texts, ask questions, understand the topic… etc. so that they understand the depth of the course that will be given by the Rav afterwards.

At 15:30, talmidim daven mincha and then study until 1900.

From 1900, talmidim review everything they learned during the day, study halakhot, and the Shulchan Aroukh.

In the evening, a Mussar class is given by Rosh yeshiva. At the end of this class, students discuss yirat chamaim and how to improve their midot.  These shiurim are organized by age group or by groups of chevrutot. This exchange between the pupils is a practice which has its origin in the yeshivot that the Novardock Saba had built In Russia.

Students then by take a walk in the forrest, which allows them to tackle a variety of topics, such as how to overcome life’s hardships.

For the last part of the evening, students study a daf of Gemara of their choice.

A week at the Yeshiva

Every Thursday during lunch, students are assessed on their study of Gemara and results from their forrest walks from the week. The yeshiva provides encouragement gifts to all students.  Every effort is rewarded.  This reward system is in relation to the students’ investment.

On Friday, Rav Mordechai Schvarcz gives students a lesson on the parasha shavua.  At this time students are spiritually preparing to welcome Shabbat.  This is a moment where everyone makes their own personal account of the week.

After the entry of Shabbat, the Rosh Yeshiva gives a Mussar on the parsha shavua.  Afterwards students enjoy a joyous sueda with songs of Shabbat that animate the evening …

The avréhim invite students to their homes to talk about emouna, bitahon, the greatness of G-d and to take inspiration from an authentic Jewish home and to continue their spiritual work in the yeshiva.

A year at the Yeshiva


Students are responsible for kashering the yeshiva for Passover. The yeshiva organizes a big community seder where everyone learns to remember the joyous exodus from Egypt.  After Passover, students have a week of vacation.


All students participate in the joy of Purim.  Everyone dresses up for the occasion and even perform a show . They all go to the avréhim to dance and have snacks.  A big quiz is then organized for the entire yeshiva. Afterwards, everyone participates in the joyous Purim Feast.  After Purim, the yeshiva leaves in boded for 3 weeks.

In Lag Baomer

Students prepare a fire, which is at least 15 meters high, every year.  This is a time when students meet together to sing and dance.  The student who invested the most in the study of Torah during the year gets to light the fire.

After Tisha b’Av

Students have 21 vacation days in Elul. During the holiday, sports activities are organized within the yeshiva domain. Students even install a snack bar to create a holiday atmosphere. The yeshiva makes 5 ATVs and horses available for students to enjoy riding in the forest. There are also barbecues students can use during this summer period.


Students are particularly interested in studying mussar and teshuvah to prepare for the most daunting days. Each motzei Shabbat, the Rosh yeshiva gives a course in an atmosphere particularly conducive to making teshuvah. The prayers of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur during Tishri are filled of emotion and seriousness. We feel the spiritual preparation that takes place throughout the month of Elul.


Students meet to build the yeshiva sukah and help the avréhim build their own. The hakkafot of Simchat Torah lasts for many hours. Every student participates in this immense joy.

In winter

The yeshiva has a very special winter campaign for students: every student has the opportunity, based on his diligence through the year, to have his winter vacation financed by the yeshiva.  The more the student invests in himself, the more the yeshiva financially supports his trip. The students leave together to ski in the Alps for one week .


Leisure activitiessports, competitions, & games are set up within the yeshiva. During this recreational week, the avréhim distribute donuts to the students to cheer them up and give them the feeling of celebration from home. Students can also practice horse-riding twice a month and relax in a heated pool.

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