To ensure the continuation

Thanks to G-d, our community has grown over the years and now counts in addition to the Yeshiva:

  • Daycare
  • Kindergarten
  • Talmud-Torah
  • School for Girls
  • Secondary School Program
Rav Noa'h Polack
Rav Noa'h Polack

Rav Noah Polack is the director of the two primary schools (boys and girls). Born in Israel, he moved to Brussières and continued his studies there. It gives institutions the benefit of its great pedagogical skills.

On the right of Rav Noa’h Polack stands Rav Yossef-‘Haim Meouchar, deputy director of the two primary schools.

The Rabbanim regularly travel to Brussières, and elsewhere, to spread the voice of the Torah, whether in families or synagogues.

Rav Yossef-'Haïm Méouchar
Rav Yossef-'Haïm Méouchar

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